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Everything we do at Foundation Dental Services Pty Ltd (FDS) is with our patient's best interest in mind. We understand, acknowledge and respect their right to privacy and the concerns you may have in regard to privacy and security. We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of information provided by our patients, as well as, general users of our Express FDS app. 


If you have a dental or related medical emergency, please immediately call (000) to get prompt medical attention. Do not rely on electronic communications for assistance in regard to your immediate, urgent dental/medical needs. This app is not designed to facilitate a fast response for dental/medical emergencies. Foundation Dental Services cannot guarantee response times if you choose to use this app in the event of a clinical emergency. 


A visitor can access and browse our entire app at any time without providing any personal information. We do not collect information that would personally identify you unless you choose to provide it. 

In addition, FDS does not share any personally identifiable information of any individual with any third party unrelated to FDS, except in situations where we must provide information for legal purposes or investigations, or if so directed by the patient through proper authorization. 

Our app contains forms through which users may make a referral. In some cases, telephone numbers, email addresses or return addresses are required so that we can appropriately action the referral. 

After you fill out a form, we may contact you to obtain follow-up information. We do not store or provide any information supplied on our app forms to any outside organization for any reason (other than where we may be required to by law). We do not save this personal information for any other reason. 


When using our app for a referral, patient consent must be gained prior to sending the referral as personal information will be sent. If the patient is a minor, the patient's parents or guardians must provide consent prior to sending a referral. 

FDS and app developers, BraceMate Orthodontics Pty Ltd (BMO) are indemnified from misuse where informed consent has not been gathered, breaches to security of the email account or device of the user, and where the incorrect contact details have been entered. 

It is the responsibility of the patient and the referrer to ensure that appointments are made. There is no guarantee that FDS will receive your referral (for example: if your email server is down) or that the patient is contactable. 

"Phishing" is a scam designed to steal your personal information. If you receive an email that looks like it is from FDS or BMO asking you for your personal information, do not respond. We will never request any password, user name, credit card information or other personal information through email. 

The user is responsible for ensuring that the addresses of emails are accurate. As the app uses the email app within the user's device, it is the user's responsibility to maintain integrity and security of the email account and the device. 


In the event that you decide to use a 'code' in Express FDS to provide an additional layer of data security then you are solely responsible for keeping such code details secure. 


FDS and BMO may collect non-personal information such as app usage, traffic patterns, app performance and related statistics based on tracking of app usage. 


The listing of logos and other third party names on our app does not imply endorsement in any way. 


FDS and BMO periodically reviews and modifies, where appropriate, its security policies and procedures. We use reasonable care to protect your personally identifiable and confidential information provided by you via our app. 


The decision to download and install the Express FDS App is at the discretion of the user. The user indemnifies FDS and BMO against any claims for hardware or software problems that may occur from such a download due to a conflict with any existing software or hardware configurations. 

Materials, services and other information are provided "as is" by FDS and BMO for educational purposes only. FDS and BMO makes no express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or use, title or non-infringement. 

Please note that, by its very nature, a web app cannot be absolutely protected against intentional or malicious intrusion attempts. Furthermore, FDS and BMO does not control the devices or computers or the Internet over which you may choose to send confidential personal information and cannot, therefore, prevent such interceptions or compromises to your information while in transit to FDS. 

Therefore, FDS and BMO hereby makes no guarantee as to the security, integrity or confidentiality of any information transmitted to or from the Express FDS app, or data stored within this app once loaded onto your device. 

As the user of Express FDS you have sole responsibility for what information you choose to send over the internet. No information should be sent over the internet without appropriate patient approval and consideration of the nature and sensitivity of the material if it should fall into the wrong hands. If in doubt, then a 'code' system has been suggested in the app to maintain security and anonymity of patient details. 

Beyond our reasonable care to safeguard your information once it arrives at FDS. FDS and BMO cannot and does not guarantee the absolute security of electronic communications or transmissions since any transmission made over the internet by any organization or any individual runs the risk of interception. 

In addition, we hereby make no guarantee as to security, integrity or confidentiality of any information transmitted to or from the app, or stored within this app. 


You assume the sole risk of transmitting any entered information as it relates to the use of the Express FDS App, and for any data corruptions, intentional interceptions, intrusions or unauthorized access to information, or of any delays, interruptions to or failures preventing the use this app. 

In no event shall FDS and BMO be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or monetary damages, including fees, and penalties in connection with your use of the Express FDS app or connectivity to or from this app to any other site. 

FDS and BMO may change this privacy policy without notice to you. 


If you have any questions about our Disclaimer or Privacy Policy then please contact us at Foundation Dental Services 0408 002 923 

Last updated: 8 April 2017 
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